I am Andrew Caffrey, the Regional Director (UK) for EdTechTeam and delivering training and support to schools across the UK. I am a former Assistant Headteacher for Data and Technologies at a large Google Reference School.

There are a great number of problems in education that could be solved by the innovative use of technology – however sometimes you just need to find the solution:

  • My first “project” was about getting our 2 week timetable into Google Calendar. Repeated weeks was fine, until you hit a one week break – so I developed what became Timetable2Calendar – a web based script that generates an iCal file based on a school timetable.
  • Google Classroom to Calendar – was an attempt to get Google Classroom assignments from lots of different classrooms into a calendar (produced before Google Classroom had Calendar Integration).
  • Add to Google Classroom , is a chrome extension that shares the current page with Google Classroom (this was developed before the official extension came out). With over 100,000 users it remains the most popular thing I have made so far.
  • FeedbackSheet – was developed as my project for the Google Innovator Academy – and is a Doc Add On that makes it easier and faster for teachers (especially those using Google Classroom) to leave feedback on work.

Feel free to contact me at andrew@edtechteam.com or follow me on twitter @MrCaffrey

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  1. Hi Mr Caffrey, I’m Dave – Assistant Head at Bournside School. I’ve decided to set up a website/wordpress dedicated to providing free themes for Frog. The plan is to upload themes I create and any others that I can source to provide a single place for Froggers to download themes from.

    Would you be happy for me to share your themes – with acknowledgements to you on my site?

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