Creating a New Site in Frog Learn.

These instructions were originally produced as a worksheet which can be downloaded here:

Creating a Site in Frog Learn.pdf

1. Log into Frog Learn

Login   Frog
2. On the top menu (the black bar) – go to Frog Drive.


3. Select Sites / My Sites and a folder of your existing sites will open.

4. Press New Site

New Site
5. Give your site a title and description (this can be edited later).

6. You will then need to select a theme and icon for your site. A theme is the design of the site (the background and containers). Frog will use the title and description to suggest an icon for your site, or you can upload your own (both can be edited later). Then press Next.

7. Now you have the option to give further information about your  site to help others find it in the search box in Frog. You should include any keywords, the subject and key stage here, after selecting remember to press “Add Tag”, so that the tag appears on this page. This information is optional and it is possible to create a site leaving this blank.


8. Finally press “Create Site” – you will now have a blank site to add content to.

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