Creating Themes in FrogOS

So I have finally got round to building my first theme for FrogOS. I used the Frog 2013 Presentation by Rachael Canham and Victoria Baron as a guide:

Then I downloaded the Theme Builder Toolkit  – which is essentially a sample theme and a tool for checking it works. I had to place it on a server to make it work (which is a bit awkward) – then I had a play around with the theme.ejs file (as suggested in the video) to come up with this..



The theme is a yellow one, with handwriting style titles and menu headers – and a load of post it notes at the bottom. I made it for a revision site…

If you want to use this theme you can download the whole thing here.  At the moment to get it into your FrogPlatform you will need to e-mail it to the service desk – who then upload it for you (this may change in future updates of Frog).  The file contains a blank file called “logo.png” this sits to the left of the title – you can replace this file to get your own logo at the top of the page.