Displaying Student Data in Frog

This post was written for use in Frog3 – these options are not available in Frog Learn. 

We all know it’s better if everyone involved with the progress of a student can see their data. Parents, staff and students need access to their targets and progress check data. I quite often get asked about how we use Frog to display student the data to students, parents and staff – this post explains the method we use – uploading data attached to each student (extra fields)  and displaying it using Frogtags.

1. Setting up the Extra Fields
Before you can upload any data you need to set up Extra Fields, listing all the possible data you might want to upload. Think of these as the column headings in an excel spreadsheet, which contain the data you want to upload. In the toolkit – go to Admin, Users and Extra Fields. Here you can add each extra field, such as a progress check or target for each subject.

Think carefully about the Fieldname for each field as each can only be used once. I used a code – such as ArY10PC1 to indicate Art, Year 10, Progress Check 1.

2. Uploading the Data
To upload new data – perhaps after a progress check – you need the data as a *.csv file.  The *.csv file needs to contain the data and the students frog ID. To make things easier here we added all the Frog ID’s to SIMS so we can export any data attached to the Frog ID and then upload to Frog. Please take care with this – as making an error could result in the duplication of all users in Frog.

In the toolkit, under Admin and Users, select Import Users.

Then select the CSV file you wish to upload – the field delimiter will be a comma.

Now map the fields together – telling Frog where to put each column of data from the spreadsheet. Always map the Frog ID / Unique ID – which enables Frog to link the users. Then map all the fields you want to upload:

Finally press Next and Upload the Data.

You should always be aware of where the data may be displayed in your Frog Platform – after our first data upload we discovered that within the social networking pages you could view the data of you friends. This was easy to remove from that page once we discovered it.

3. Displaying the data
Now that the data is uploaded you will want to display it to students, parents or staff. To display to students – simply use a Frogtag, to insert that data on any page. For example you may wish to add the students ICT target on the ICT homepage, simply add [user_ItY7YearTarget] into a Text and Pictures Brick and place it on that page.

I also created pages which show all the data to the student. creating a table to display the data and in this case using an If.. User Type brick to only show the table for the correct year group:

To display the data to parents or staff we need to use a different Frogtage – which contains [selecteduser_ItY7YearTarget] – you then need to add a method to the page to enable the staff or parents to select the correct user –  using the Select User Brick (in the case of staff) or the child select widget (in the case of parents).

To download an FRG file – containing the data display pages click here.

Alternative Method
It is possible to get assessment data into the parent portal – using the Frog PEP assessment tool  – we decided not to use this as it currently only displays data to parents and not students or staff.