Embedding in Frog Learn

With the HTML Widget now out for Frog Learn – I have been looking at what can easily be embedded into sites. Note – Only administrators can use this widget – so if your not an administrator you will need to get one to add the content for you.  Some HTML embeds seem to not play nicely with others – so I would go for only one on a page..

Here are some which seem to work in our platform:

1. Google Calendar – Great if like us you use Google Calendar across the school. To get the embed code, open Calendar Settings in Google and copy and paste the code to FrogLearn.calendar


2. AudioBoo – This is great for recording short notes from lessons – You can embed a playlist straight into Frog – the embed code is available in the playlist title – this has a clear background so works best on sites with a white background – otherwise some text may not appear.audioboo


3. Issuu – Our prospectus and some of our media looks better using a digital publishing site like Issuu. After you have uploaded the file to Issuu  the embed code is under the document.


4. Spotify – If you need music in your site – then Spotify can give embed codes for individual songs or playlists.  Users will need a Spotify Account (can be a free account) to listen to the music.  Right click the song or playlist in the full Spotify app for the embed code.spotify

5.  Rebelmouse – Puts Tweets or Facebook posts into Frog (and in our case gets around a social media block on the school site).

6.  Google Photos / Picasa Slideshows – works well when you get a lot of images back from a school event – we upload the images to Google Photos / Picassa – then embed a slideshow of all the images.slideshow

Getting the embed code can be a little tricky, you need to go back to Picasa (for some reason this option is not in Google Photos -so go to https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/myphotos  or if you get the option press Go Back to Picasa) – where you can get an embed code for the slideshow (right hand side).picasa


Phil Timmins has posted two list of sites to embed: