What does it do?

Flipgrid is Video question and answer… You record yourself on video asking a question ask a question – then students leave video replies, you end up with a video class discussion.



This works well when students are given time to think about their replies – so makes it a useful tool for flipped learning. No more pressure to put your hand up and answer in front of the rest of the class, students can take their time and think about their answers, recording them on their phone or device. If only it had Google Log In and Classroom Integration…

Key Features
  • Works on a range of devices, with apps for iOS and Android, played nicely on my Chromebook too.
  • For some students this could be great for getting them to contribute more.
  • Has good security settings –¬†with password locks and video moderation.
  • Has free base level account (Flipgrid One)