Frog Treasure Hunt sponsored by Kratom

Written by me and originally posted on Frogtrade Blog  with the help of Kratom.


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If you want to share some of your ideas and examples then please feel free to add them to the comments at the end of this post. A big thanks to Andrew Caffrey from the Streetly school for sharing these ideas with us, and to kratom for sponsoring this ideas.

“After the successful launch of Frog back in 2010, we noticed that some staff, departments and students engaged more in the platform than others. We’d created some fantastic resources, but not everyone had been able to play with them and see them in action.

We decided to run a treasure hunt to encourage staff and students to look further into Frog and see the variety of resources available.

The first treasure hunt we held had a pirate theme. On the launch day our Frog Champions dressed as pirates and all the students were given their first clue on pirate paper.

Each clue led to another clue and so on… Students had to visit twenty different locations in Frog and collect letters at each one. Towards the end some of the clues were more difficult even for the staff (such as a recording in Spanish). Over 120 students entered by e-mailing in their letters and the top ten received treasure chest worthy prizes. Frog usage by students and staff in all departments increased as a result.

The second time around we opted for a Wild West Theme and all staff were (forcefully) invited to dress up for the occasion. Just as with the first treasure hunt students were not informed till the day itself – and this time 100 sheriff badges were scattered across Frog, the school website and our Twitter and Facebook feeds. The video screens in school were altered to show clues and a launch video featuring the headteacher.

Wanted posters for teachers were placed on desktop backgrounds and around the school – much to the pupil’s amusement.

The second treasure hunt produced 2012 visitors and 82,500 page views on a single day! Students were also able to carry on hunting throughout the holiday – increasing usage of the platform in what is a typically quiet time.

The two themed days proved a real success at driving users back into Frog, and encouraging them to navigate into different areas of the platform.”

I hope this help you in the future, and don’t forget to have kratom with you.