Frog OS – 5 New Features

As a Frog Champion School we now have an early release of Frog OS to start to use, enabling us to see some of the new features:

1. Drag and Drop Files

To make it easier to get files into Frog I can now drag and drop them into Frog or I can use the traditional file select. At the moment not all filetypes are uploading – although I would imagine this list will grow as the launch approaches.

2. Converting Files to Sites

This feature has real potential – it turns a file into a Frog Website, which you can then edit and add more content to. This seems to work best with images at the moment, which you can then build text around. If they could get this to read Word Documents and PowerPoints and create sites this could really aid content creation by staff.

3. PinPoint

PinPoint searches for media content to include in Frog Sites – mainly from Google Images and YouTube. This makes it much easier to add content to a site as you can now search, preview and embed from within Frog. You can also save media you may want to use to a PinBoard to use later.

4. Quiz Builder

Builds a quiz within the Platform – this has always been difficult to do in Frog 3 – but is now integrated to enable staff to develop and share online quizzes. You can add resources from PinPoint and embed the quiz in a site when finished.

5. Browser compatibility

Frog now works on Google Chrome and iPads (in Landscape mode only for some reason?) – which was always an issue when students were using Frog 3 at home.