Getting Started with Google Tour Creator

  1. Visit Tour Creator and press “Get Started” – as this new service rolls out Tour Creator may not yet be available to all accounts and it may require admin to tun on Poly and Tour Creator – while you are waiting you sign in with your GMail Account.
  2. Press “+ New Tour”
  3. Give your tour a Title, Description and Cover Image and press Create. 
  4. Press Add Scene to add additional images to your tour. 
  5. You can now either select 360 Panorama’s from Google Maps (including content added by other users) or upload your own images.  Photospheres must have a 2:1 aspect ratio. Omnistereo panoramas must have a 1:1 aspect ratio. 
  6. Once you have selected or uploaded an image you can add some text details about that scene. 
  7. You can also select points of interest in the image, which display when clicked. You also have the ability to add additional images here, that open when the point is clicked – giving the ability to use 2D traditional photos in the panorama. This may be useful when looking at change over time, using historical images taken in the same location. 

8. Once you have added your images you can publish the tour so that others can view it. You can view my basic tour created above here or embedded in the site below.

Embedding your Tour on a Website

  1. Open your tour in Poly to view it.
  2. Go to Share and then Embed to get access to the embed code. 


Using Images from Google Cardboard Camera

Google created the Cardboard Camera App (Android and iOS) – which enables anyone with a phone to capture 360 images. I wrote about why I think this is great for students on fieldwork in this post.

However these images are not the correct ratio and need to be converted – you can use this site for that. Thanks to Drew Robinson for finding that.

Coming Soon…

  • Audio and narration – If you included audio and narration in your tours while in beta, it won’t show up in the published tour or in edit mode. Rest assured that your audio and narration has not been lost and when the functionality launches for all users, your files will appear back on Tour Creator.
  • iOS support

Want to learn more? Join me at Google London for an in depth look at Tour Creator this July.