What does it do?

Back a long time ago when I had to revise I remember making lots of index cards with key words on – Quizlet is basically a digital version of this – loaded with a lot of pre made sets. Unlike my handmade set of cards you can then play a variety of revision games with the cards.


The ability to make your own sets of cards and share them with your class allows you to quickly make useful sets for students to use. With mobile apps for both iOS and Android once introduced students can go and use this tool as part of their own revision.

Key Features
  • Most popular topics already have cards made for students to use.
  • Sharing features allow students and teachers to share sets with others.
  • Sets can be shared with¬†Google Classroom.¬†
  • Includes audio for both spelling tests and reading out the cards.
  • Free to use, but paid access for more advanced teacher features.