RM Books in Frog

One thing that has been missing from Frog is an e-book system – so we recently added RM Books to Frog. RM Books gives us access to a range of eBooks including quite a few free classic literature books and some school text books. There is no initial cost to set up and use the free books and some of our departments are now using textbooks via RM Books rather than more expensive paper copies.

Getting RM Books into Frog

At the moment there is no official integration – so we used a HTML Sign In Script (originally developed by Ninestiles School to log into something else) to link the two. This script requires Frog3 – on the first use, users enter their username and password. Once Frog has this information all future log ins are automatic. Get in touch if you want me to email you the Frog3 Page and HMTL Script to use. rmbooks

In the future it would be good to see better integration between RM Books and Frog, possibly getting the books into Discover and on the book offering more publishers of Secondary Textbooks into the system.