Six Great Apps for the ACER Chromebook Tab

This was originally posted on the EdTechTeam Blog.

The new ACER Chromebook Tab works just like a Chromebook (and can be managed with a license in the management console), with access to all the core Google for Education apps such as Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drive. The Tab has a built-in pen and access to both Chrome Web Store and Android Apps, which opens up the possibilities for this device in the classroom. Here are five great apps for your Chromebook Tab:

  1. Google Expeditions (Android App) – Working in  magic window mode, students can move the device around to explore over 1,000 expeditions from the International Space Station to deep inside the Human Body.  Encourage student-led explorations in Discover Mode or ask students to join a class expedition and follow their teacher’s guided tour. Younger students tend to prefer moving a tablet around to wearing a VR headset.
  2. Adobe Apps (Android App) – The whole suite of Adobe Creative Cloud Mobile Apps run on the Tab.Adobe Photoshop Sketch (and the very similar Adobe Illustrator Draw) offers a wide range of pen options (sizes, colour and pressure) to enable detailed drawing work using  pen that comes with the device.
  3. Google Keep (Chrome Web Store) – Keep is the default note taking app on the Chromebook Tab and can be accessed from the Stylus Menu > Take Note. You can handwrite notes on the Tab, which are stored in Google Keep and available across all of your devices. Depending on how good (or bad) your handwriting is, you can also convert these to text (More Menu > Grab Image Text).
  4. Google Classroom (Android App) – Running the Android App, rather than the default Chrome Web Store App, allows you to add handwritten notes to your student’s work and return it to them, making it ideal for teachers who are using the Tab. 
  5. Google Science Journal (Android App) –  Collect and record data from simple images with notes, to sound, pitch and accelerometer readings. Great for taking field notes when you’re out on a school trip,
  6. Equatio (Chrome Web Store) – For everyone who needs to work with math equations in Google for Education apps,  Equatio is a must have extension. This extension gives you the ability to use the Tab to read your handwriting and convert formulas and symbols into your documents and forms. Equatio works best in landscape mode on the Chromebook Tab, which allows for more space for writing.