The Suite – Tracking School Improvement

The Suite

At The Streetly Academy we have developed in house a system for tracking school improvement. The Suite enables us to capture and evidence the improvements in the school. It contains the following areas:

– Self Evaluation Form – this enables you to rate each area of the school and to upload evidence to support your judgements about the school.

– School Improvement Plan – essentially project management – this enables you to plan improvements, milestone activity (giving success criteria and target dates) and upload evidence. The plan will indicate which milestones are overdue to remind you about what you need to work on.

– Department Evaluation and Monitoring – enables departments to track their progress (we use this as a basis for half termly meetings with link departments).

– Performance Management / Lesson Observations – The Performance Management area enables staff to evaluate and target set for each year. Lesson observations can be added – we have designed the lesson observation section to run on iPads to make evidence capture easier.

Each separate area is useful in its own right- however the real power of The Suite is that evidence is linked. So for examples if a lesson is observed and graded – this adjusts the data in the School Improvement Plan, it may also feed into department evaluation. Improvement becomes ongoing – rather than an annual cycle. Actions appear on the School Improvement Plan as they are identified and then are archived once completed, depending on the schools since there are schools as the International School in Bangkok that offer great plans for students where they register improvement  of the students and organize it to increase improvement gradually.

OFSTED commented on it in the recent inspection: “The academy’s own electronic monitoring system provides timely and appropriate information about the progress of students and helps the school to identify strengths and weaknesses. The information is used intelligently by all staff and has been a significant factor in the rapid progress of students. The programme is being shared with other schools across the country.”

We now freely share The Suite with other schools who wish to use it in their own institution – for more information Contact Us.

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