Timelines in FrogOS

The latest update of FrogOS bring timelines – a new way of viewing activity on Frog. Very similar to timelines in Facebook it shows activity (such as assigned sites) and any images and files shared with you. The timeline is now the default landing page when a user logs in to FrogOS.


What can you do with it?

  • Share files with students in a group (which means you don’t have to create sites to do this).
  • Use it as a notice feed – this works well with notices that are images and then shared with whole year groups or the whole school.
  • Get students to share images back – studnets have been sharing Geographical Images with me – which can then be used as a starter in lessons.

Some features requests – it would be even better if….

  • We could share website links (not just FrogOS sites)
  •  You could comment on items – or add comments before sharing a file.
  • Videos were embedded in the timeline as an image – rather than the file icon.
  • You could reduce the size of images (user choice) as timelines get full quickly especially if you get a lot of images…