Alton Towers – Diploma Resources


Back in 2010 as part of my work on the Diploma in Travel and Tourism I made a set of resources on Alton Towers.  These were funded by Walsall Travel and Tourism Development Group, and produced with the assistance of The Alton Towers Resort. Originally these were produced on CD Rom and given to schools completing the Diploma. Although the Diploma no longer exists the resources may be of use to anyone studying Alton Towers.


History of the Park (PPT)

Location (PPT)

The Alton Towers Resort (PPT)

Visit Worksheets (PDF)

Promotion and Sales

Methods of Promotion (PPT)

Target Marketing (PPT)

Secondary Spend (PPT)

Channels of Distribution (PPT)

Channels of Distribution Worksheet (PDF)

Secondary Spend Worksheet (PDF)

Target Marketing Worksheet (PDF)

The Customer Experience

Market Research (PPT)

Meeting the Needs of Customers (PPT)

Meeting the Needs of Customers Worksheet (PDF)

Market Research Worksheet (PDF)

Working in Travel and Tourism

Recruitment (PPT)

Training and Development (PPT)