Awesome Screenshot – Chrome Extension

What is it?

Awesome Screenshot is a useful chrome extension which allows you to grab screenshots and more usefully sections of screens to use as an image. It also has a useful editor so you can label and edit the images before saving them.



How to use it?
  1. Add the Chrome Extension. 
  2. When you are on a website and want to grab an image – press the button and then select:
    • Capture Visible Part of the Page – to capture the area you see in the window.
    • Delayed Capture – useful if you need to capture a hover menu – as this gives you time to get the mouse in the right location.
    • Capture entire page – grabs the whole webpage.
    • Select a local image – does not take a screenshot, but uploads an image for editing.
    • Capture Desktop – captures outside the browser window.
  3. You can then edit the image if required (includes a useful tool to blur out personal information).

4. Finally you can download the image – or connect to Google and add it to your Google Drive.