Chrome Extensions for Teachers

Chrome Extensions are small add on’s for the Chrome Browser that can provide shortcuts and additional functionality to Chrome. Here are some great extensions for teachers to use in Chrome:


Snagit from Techsmith can be used to grab screenshots or screen recordings, which are then saved automatically back to Google Drive.


Replaces the new tab with some great HD Videos (currently landscapes) and the time and date.

Awesome Screenshot

Enables you to capture screens, or areas of a screen in one easy move. Much easier and faster than using Print Screen then cropping the image. The delayed capture is useful if you need to use your mouse to highlight or press something – while the screen is captured.


Draftback is an extension which runs in Google Drive and allows you to play back the creation of a document – a sort of timelapse movie for documents. You can see how much or how little time has been spent creating a document.

Turn Off the Lights

Makes the rest of a page fade to black when a movie is played. Useful when showing a film to a class as it hides other content.

Google Mail Checker

Displays the number of unread e-mails you have.

Adblock for YouTube

Stops adverts from playing before you show a video. Particularly useful if you rely on YouTube in Assemblies.

One-Click Timer

If you like to give accurate times for your class to complete an activity this extension displays a nice big clock. Even if you browse other sites it keeps counting down until the alarm sounds.

Date Today

When pressed shows the Date and Time. Useful for the “put today’s date at the top of the page” moment..

Send Later

Sends g-mails at a later time or date – useful when you remember to send an e-mail late at night, but want it to go the next day.


Add to Google Classroom

The only extension on the list made by me – shares the current site into Google Classroom.

If you have another suggestion for a useful extension – leave it as a comment below..