What does it do?

DocentEDU allows you to edit webpages, to add questions, discussions and other information, to design a student friendly webpage.  You can then share your edited page with others.


Often you want students to read or use a webpage, but want to ensure they interact with the content.  DocentEDU is a bit like EdPuzzle for Websites. The end result is something you could assign to a class (via Google Classroom).

Key Features
Getting Started
  1. Visit DocentEDU and press “Sign Up and Get the Browser Extension”

2. Select Teacher (or student).

3. Sign In with your Google Account (use your School Account here so that you can add classes from Google Classroom).

4. Once you are signed up you can create a Docent by pressing the extension button on any webpage.

Optional – Import your Google Classroom Classes: 

5. Go to Classes on the top menu – then press the black plus button, to bring up the Import from Google Classroom Option.