What does it do?

EdPuzzle allows you to edit videos and assign them to your class. You can crop the videos, insert questions to check understanding and prevent skipping when the students watch the video. The content comes from a variety of sources, including YouTube, Khan Academy and National Geographic.


EdPuzzle gives you more control over setting videos for use in class or at home. For flipped and blended learning EdPuzzle also allows you to get feedback on learning, using questions during the video, making videos a lot less passive and more active for the learner.

Key Features
  • Has an extensive library of videos created by other teachers, for popular topics videos with questions are often already created saving you the work.
  • You get feedback on who has watched the videos, plus the marks or answers from any questions set.
  • Self Marks multiple choice questions – so great for reducing workload.
  • Imports classes and assigns to Google Classroom. 
  • Free to use.
Getting Started
  1. Visit EdPuzzle and press “Teacher, start now”

2. You can then start a tour, which shows some of the key tools of EdPuzzle, or you can skip at the bottom of the page.

3. Following the tour you can sign up with your Google or Edmodo Account.

4. The menu at the top of the screen allows you to:

Search – Search for an existing video – there are already a large number of edited videos with questions already on EdPuzzle – it is always worth checking existing videos before creating your own.

My Content – Shows the videos you have edited or uploaded.

My Classes – Shows your classes and current assignments, you can also import classes from Google Classroom here.