Google Cardboard Camera on Geography Fieldwork

Much of the Google Expeditions content is focused around students experiencing in Virtual Reality places you are not able to take students. However the Cardboard Camera App opens up a new possibility for Geography Fieldwork (or to be honest any school trip).

The aim of our recent visit to Carding Mill Valley was to collect data for our GCSE Geography Course. Back in the classroom students analyse the data and try to explain the reasons for the changes in the river seen as you move downstream.  However more often than not Рwhen you get back to class Рstudents struggle with the reasons, as they cannot remember the different sites in enough detail to work out the reasons for the changes. Students often get photograph images Рbut these are not always helpful..

You can see its a river, but not get a lot more from this image..
You can see its a river, but you cannot get a lot more detail from this image..

So on our recent visit we also collected some images with Google Cardboard Camera – these 360 Panorama Images with sound provide a lot more information about the sites, and when viewed in a Google Cardboard Unit –¬†helps the student to remember the key features of each site.

The full panorama image from Google Cardboard