Creating an Assignment Calendar from Google Classroom

Google Classroom is great for setting work, but assignments are only visible by the students and you. Often you want to share these with other staff and parents, without adding them to all the classroom student list, or perhaps you want to track assignments set by staff across the school.

This idea uses a script I have written here – about how to get Google Classroom assignments to a Calendar.

1. Firstly set up a new account – ideally one just for this task. In our case we called the username “homework@… ”

2. Then add the Google Classroom Script as detailed in this post.

3. Now ask all the staff you want to collect assignments from to add this user to their Google Classroom groups.

4. Our new user account will now be getting lots of assignments, with all the details going into a spreadsheet and their calendar.

5. The calendar can be shared – or you could embed the calendar in a webpage, as agenda view to show a list of upcoming assignments.