Marking Work in Google Drive

Simple Marking

The simplest marking involves using existing tools within Google Drive to leave a comment or make a suggestion.

1. Using Comment


Comment enables you to leave a side comment on the work. Students receive an e-mail when comments are left on their work. To insert a comment highlight the text you want to comment on and then press CTRL+ALT+M. You can only leave a comment once text is highlighted.


Students can mark a comment as resolved, which removes it from the side and sends you a e-mail to notify you . However all comments are still availble to view under “Comments” at the top of the document.

2. Using “Suggesting”


Suggesting enables you to edit the document, and your changes are made as suggestions which the student can choose to accept or reject. The suggestions are left as comments alongside the document.



Advance Marking

3. Audio Feedback using Kaizena

Kaizena is an add on to Google Docs, before using it you need to go to “Add-ons” in the top menu bar and then Get Add Ons, and browse the Add On list until you find Kaizena. Once you have added this, it will prompt you to also install a Chrome Extension – you need to add both to make this work.


Once installed Kaizena  works in a similar way to Comments – you highlight the text you want to comment on then press “New Feedback” in the Kaizena Side Bar:


You can then select to record some audio feedback, leave normal text feedback or give a link to a document.

Tracking Changes

4. Tracking Changes – Revision History


Going to File, then See Revision History – shows the times that a student has spent working on a document and the changes they have made. This can be useful for tracking homework completion.

5. Draftback

Draftback creates a movie of the document and shows the changes made over time, along with the dates the changes were made. It is effectively an annimated version of the Revision History. To use Draftback you need to install a Chrome Extension. 


Once installed Draftback can be accessed from a button on the top menu, next to comments. This produces a movie of the document and the changes made.