So we currently have Pear Deck on Beta Test across the school – to go alongside our 1:1 Chromebook Rollout – which has now reached Year 10.

Pear Deck is an “interactive lesson” system built in Google Drive.  It enables you to screen broadcast your presentation to the students, and add to this questions, text boxes and other activities.  I can upload a presentation and then at appropriate points add questions or activities for students to complete. Pear Deck tracks the results and enables me to save them in Google Drive.

However the real genius of Pear Deck is the ability to do this unplanned. I can open a blank presentation and then invite the students to join me.  Then, using the toolbar at the bottom of the teacher screen I can simply launch activities based on a verbal question or instruction.


With Chromebooks in the classroom I can dip in and out of questions and activities as required.  Here are some possibilities:

– Asking students to read some extended text and summarise in a sentence (or two). Keep the responses hidden and then reveal.

– Starting with a simple sentence and asking students to expand it, adding their own knowledge – to see who can come up with the most in a set time.

– Agree / Disagree statements, where students place a dot on the line between one end and the other.

– Locating countries / places on a map (this one needs an upload of a World Map) – students place the dot where they think the place is.

– Similar activity with any photo – asking students to find something or simply identify what they consider to be the most important part of the image.  You can put a topical image in quite quickly.

Example Pear Decks:

Example Pear Deck

Europe and UK