RM Unify – Cutting out the passwords…

Update – There is now an RM Case Study on this – click here to view. 

Currently at School we use a lot of cloud based systems, Frog, Sleuth, Google, Go4Schools, SISRA, ClickView, RMBooks, The Suite, VMWare to name a few, so despite owning a dictionary I was slowly running out of passwords. It was the same for all staff and students, so we rolled out RM Unify to help..


There are basically three types of tiles (basically the links) in RM Unify:

  • Fully Integrated (ClickView, RMBooks, Google Apps for Edu, Frog) – here Unify communicates user credentials with the the service, so once into Unify you don’t need a separate password or username at all.
  • Saved Password (Sleuth, Prezi, Room Booking System, Kerboodle, TES)- Where you enter your username and password on your first use, then it remembers it and logs you in from then on.
  • Unsupported – basically just Go4Schools who sadly don’t integrate with anything, so its a link to the log in page.

In the latest update, on a  Chromebook, RMUnify can pick up the user credentials – so users get straight in without the need for a password (provided they are logged into the Chroembook on their school account). In turn RM Unify is providing easy access to all our systems, the use of the systems is going up (presumably because people don’t get locked out) and the requests for password reseting is down.