Using Augmented Reality in Schools

Came across Onvert recently – which allows you to create augmented reality for free from a QR Code. Students download the Onvert App for free from the Apple Store or Android Google Play and then scan the QR Code. Whenever they scan the Onvert QR Code it activates some augmented reality content (which in the free version could be some images or sounds) and can also link to a website.

QR Codes have become popular in schools to link students to content – this does the same thing with the added excitement of the augmented reality. We decided to use this as part of the launch of Frog OS. We designed a series of cards, each with their own Onvert QR Code for students to collect. They are the same size as a business card, to make printing easier. Students need to find the cards to “Unlock the Secrets of Frog OS”. Once the hunt for these is over I will update this blog with some more card designs….

Note – After a bit of initial testing with some students, we noticed they initially scanned the QR code with a normal reader  – which then links straight to the website bypassing the Augmented Reality Content. To avoid this we have now pointed it at a web page that links them to the app download.